New issue of NJSTS out


Well, it’s three weeks old by now, but still – read the latest issue over at the web page. This issue features articles about Norway’s science communication policies, the negotiation of expertise in determining natural risk and questions of the efficacy of using online collaborative tools in corporate settings, as well as interesting book reviews.

New article in Distinktion


A new article of mine entitled “Do libertarians dream of electric coins? The material embeddedness of Bitcoin” has just been published in Distinktion: Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory. It’s about the digital currency Bitcoin and the implications of introducing a decentralised, unregulated currency into a sector that is usually strictly controlled. You can read it at the journal page, or in an ungated but ugly version at my scientific publications page.

New article in Energy Policy


The article I have written together with Professor Marianne Ryghaug, titled “Public attitudes towards renewable energy technologies in Norway. The role of party preferences” has now been officially published in the journal Energy Policy, and is available to read online. If you do not have institutional access to that particular journal (which unfortunately is not Open Access) you can find a final draft on my scientific publications page.